Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Harleys join the family

Well what started out as a Harley for Don, has now turned into a Harley for Patty. We decided that the 2005 Harley Sportster XL883C would become my bike and Don has purchased a 2010 Harley Heritage Softail Classic. He is thrilled to say the least and would ride non stop, it is a very nice bike. I have had the Sportster lowered, new handlebars added, engine guard and windshield put on. It is more comfortable now, just need a different seat. This one causes numb butt very quickly.
Last Thursday Tara also aquired her first Harley, a 2010 Harley Sportster 48, looks "bad". She is slowly starting her riding career as I did, around the local streets etc.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Time for another update!....Seems winter never came this year. Only a few colds days and nights and that's it. No snow to amount to anything at all, nothing that ever accumulated on the ground just trickled down a few times and melted.
We are in the middle of a much needed bathroom remodel. It is our main bathroom upstairs and as no one really saw it but Don and I we just kind of ignored how ugly and worn out it had become. Finally we just bit the bullet and began. Don gutted the room and then we have had a plumber come in and put in a new tub, rearrange some plumbing to put in a pedestal sink, was able to move the toilet 3" back towards the wall. (it sat out at least 4" from the wall) electrician rewired some switches, added a fan and light bar over the mirror, sheet rockers came, we just finished painting to day, so electrician can come back and do his finishing, I think now we wait for the guy who is going to do some kind of stuff around our tub area. I painted it two different colors a brown and a greenish turquoise. I really like it, think it will look good with all the white in there.
Well another bit of news is that I bought my husband a 2005 Harley Davidson XL883C. It was one of our son-in-laws bikes. Was able to TOTALLY surprise Don. Eric took it over and put it in the garage while we were at bible study and when we came home and Don pushed the button to raise the garage door....WOLA there it was, he was speechless. He got his permit so he can ride it around, but we both are going to take a three day motorcycle course and if you pass the course you automatically get your license. I am seriously thinking of getting one also. After I take the class I will know for sure. Don is just loving it. One evening he took off to go show one of our friends, Lance Gordon, and Lance has a bike too, so they took off together over to Erics, and then all three took off and rode around for awhile. Had a great time!!!! So enjoy seeing him enjoy his new toy. Beautiful bike Eric took mint care of it, only had 872 miles on it.
Kids are all doing well. Tara continues to be unemployed at this time. It's been over a year now since she got laid off. She keeps hoping the County will start re-hiring and she can get her old job back. They will be going to Hawaii in May to attend a wedding. One of Taras school friends.
Chad and Lisa survived all the cutbacks and are doing very well at there jobs. Lisa is getting the baby bug, but ....Chad not so sure yet.
One of the worst things that has happened is that my house cleaner has injured her ankle and is out of commission for and unknown length of time. I can not clean my own house!! So, I hired Tara this last week. Don't think she was to excited, but the money talked when you are on unemployement!!!
Well at this time photos will not load so will try later.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I see that I have forgotten how to use this site, as I have several spelling errors and I did spell check but it didn't apply the changes!!!!!


Well I bet you never thought you'd hear from me again. I must say that I have been totally distracted by Facebook!! much quicker and broader. Well I must say that a lot has gone on since I last wrote in 2008!
Both of our kids have had there first anniversays. Tara and Eric had theirs in February and Chad and Lisa in May.
Tara is currently not working, she was laid off in December from her relatively new job at the county in District court. Lisas has had to lay off most of her employees but has managed to survive herself. Chads company had many lay offs but because Chad is specialized he was not able to be bumped by others and lose his job. When he first went to work at Sierra Pacific he took his own time and trained on this gianourmous crane thing. It's huge and runs on tracks and moves logs allover the place. Don and I are quite secure in our jobs as we both have been there for quite some time. Although the county itself is suffering very badly.
In May Don began experiencing what we thought were "flu" like symptoms.....wrong he proceeded to be hospitalized for apendicidus. He has recovered very well from that. They had not yet burst, but Dr reported that they were big and ugly. Quite a quick little surgery, three small incisions. Thankgoodness for excellent insurance... out of $32,000, yes thirty two thousand dollars for a very short stay we got a bill for $75.00!!!!!
We have enjoyed kayaking on Lake Quinault in the month of July with Tara and Eric. It is such a clean lake. We have discovered though that in the morning when we put in and the lake is so flat like glass that it seems to always change about 11 and gets windy and wavey. Our last trip was the worst, probably 2 foot white caps and strong wind. You felt like you were paddling and getting no where, and you were at times.
Lately we have experiences some scorching hot weather for here. Thankfully it did not last very long. Hit 101 or so one day, 105 just a bit east of here in Elma.
We are getting ready to replace our "perfectly good" cyclone fence with a wonderful
6' wood fence. Am looking forward to the privacy and landscaping the back yard.
My wonderful friend Sue, who up and moved to Tennesse, came for a visit and we totally redid my flower beds, added "yard art" and many new plants, one being a fig tree. Am anxious for it all to take off and fill in. Next year should be beautiful.
Well I best stop as I need to head to Aberdeen and get steaks and veggies for Lisa and Chads family BBQ sunday night at Erics. We will be celebrating their 25th birthdays. They are only 1 week apart in age.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


We enjoyed a quiet white Christmas this year. Christmas eve Chad and Lisa, Eric and Tara, Bob and Ruth were all here. My folks did not come because of weather and I think they may have also gone to Madras, Oregon with Evan and Kim. We had our usual clam chowder for those who like clams and chicken vegetable for those who don't. Eric made his famous corn bread and I made gluten and dairy free corn bread for Tara and myself.
The roads continue to be horrible here in town. If you can get to the main highways you are fine. Montesano does not own a snow plow. I would not be able to even get out of my driveway and on to the street there is so much snow piled up on the edge of the roads. It has been raining though for 24 hours so it seems pretty soft and mushy now and looks promising that I might get out soon.
Christmas Day Bob and Ruth, Tara and Eric and Russ and Linda McCaslin were here for a turkey dinner. Of course there was a ton of food. Grandpa Bob was feeling better with his broken/cracked ribs, but had an awful time when things were funny because it hurt soooo bad. But good drugs helped him out a lot! Bomi Dad was not able to come because of the weather so Eric and Tara took off in the late evening to go spend the night with him.
Well that's Christmas 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Usually when snow is in the forecast no one really pays much attention. But this time they really meant it. Today our special meetings were cancelled in Tenino due to the road conditions. We woke this morning with alot of snow (for us) and a sheet of ice over it all. Things began to start dripping but then about 10 or so it started snowing and has snowed all day until about 5:30. Well I finally got out of my PJ's and dug out the snow clothes bundled up and took a walk. As you can see Sadie went along with us. She was not so sure when I stuffed her in her front pack, but as we continued on she gradually relaxed and enjoyed the ride. I measured the snow in the front yard and we have 11".
Yesterday Dons dad took a tumble out in their driveway and broke some ribs. Eric, Tara, Ruth and Don took him up to McCleary to the ER and had him looked at. He wasn't wanting to go at first but called later to say he thought he probably should as the pain was very bad. The roads were awful and you had to pull over to clear the ice off your windshield wipers to be able to see. So Bob is in a wrap thing and on meds for pain. Tara took a tumble in the Safeway parking lot and she is feeling a bit sore also.
Don just said he heard that yet another storm is coming and more snow. I will probably be one of a very few that are at work tomorrow. My car is absolutely worth less with the wide tires (a girls got to look good in her ride!) so Don has been my chauffeur. I really really miss my 4x4 Tahoe. I think I'll check into some winter type tires for the Jetta.
Well the weather has given me lots of knitting time. So I'm just a few rows away from getting my Christmas gifts all knitted up. YAH !!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's been a long time.....

Well since it was Nov 2nd I last posted I could start with Thanksgiving. All the Smiths were together at Bob and Linda's. Eric's Dad, Bomi, was there and also Lindas brother and his family, and her Dad. We had a very nice day tons of food of course. Oh the Dickey family was there too. And that was Thanksgiving!
November also brought some not so great news, Tara is losing her job at the end of the year. Budget cuts in the County, last in, first out. She is bummed as she was finally starting to enjoy her new job. I don't think she is going to actively look for another job right away. Chads job seems to be okay at this time, they cut other shifts and so now he just has to work 5 8's instead of 4 10's. He did enjoy his Fridays off.
Tonight we attended the Festival of Lights parade here in Montesano. It is an annual event. It was cancelled last year due to the hurricane. This year was very good even had fire works. It's pretty with all the lights, it was cold though and even started to snow so that made it more festive.
I got two new books. Recipe books from the Cafe Gratitude restaurant in CA. A raw restaurant. So spent alot of the afternoon today making stuff....Coconut ice cream, Marinated stuffed mushrooms, and cabbage salad. Yum
Well that's it.